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Thursday, June 20, 2019 10:06:16 PM AEST

To put it bluntly, the above represents 10 years of us having no first line of protection on the Internet. I would love that graph to include a line which represented the number of people on the network, protected from Cyber Crime, but the data would be so tiny as to be invisible. Instead, we have what can only be termed as rampant growth of phishing scams and Web based crime that could have been prevented, but for the lack of a coordinated first line of defence such as the ATLAS Protected Network.

Please let 2017 be the year in which we can see a new line on that graph. An indicator of us fighting back against the criminal elements. Because security requires a united and multi-layered approach. Simply ignoring the problem won't make it go away.

A properly functioning and fully funded protected network is possible at no cost to the ISP or the Internet user. All we need is responsible people, often but not always in business, who care about your online safety, and are prepared to sponsor the network. We've got this far on the wonderful sponsors we currently have. If we are to expand, we are going to need more.

Please consider the information on sponsor.protectednetwork.org/

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