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Relay Signals

 Joining the ATLAS Protected Network is as simple as acquiring access to an ATLAS Protected Network "Relay Box". Relay boxes have been installed at ISPs, businesses and residential premises. The Mark IX Relay Box was our most popular model throughout 2015 and 2016. Generally the 2 year lease fee for these units is approx A$20 000. However, this cost can be offset by sponsors. No ISP has ever had to pay for a Relay Box, due to sponsors covering the cost. Access to the ATLAS Protected Network via an ISP is always FREE to the ISP, and FREE to the User thanks to the support of Sponsors.

The Relay box communicates with the main server to pick up protection data and relay it to the local equipment. It can do this directly via Ethernet feeds or some models of Relay Box come with additional Satellite or 3g/4g Network access built in. This is of course an additional cost.


To join the The ATLAS Protected Network
please use one of the contact methods below,
or simply sign up to an ATLAS Protected Network supporting ISP

P.O. Box 1073,
Capalaba, Qld, 4157
Phone: +61 (0)438 798 594
Email: contact@protectednetwork.org

Webman looks forward to hearing from you!
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